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Last summer my Dad took my sister and me to The Waterside Inn for a celebratory lunch for me graduating (woopie) and my sister getting onto her Doctorate course. Hands down this was THE best meal that I have ever had.

The Waterside Inn is owned by acclaimed French chefs Michel and Alain Roux. The restaurant, over looking the River Thames, is the only British restaurant to have held three Michelin stars for so long.

The whole experience was amazing and the service was outstanding. In particular, the staff were very observant and attentive, and the director and general manager Diego Masciaga was extremely thoughtful and charismatic. Diego made the whole experience very personalised and memorable.

We opted for the ”Le Menu Exceptionnel” which was the seven course taster menu. We were not actually allowed to take photographs inside the restaurant but we managed to sneak in a few of the food. (I want to be able to remember this meal forever as I doubt I will ever get the chance to go again!)

La Menu Exceptionnel

Beverages: Freshly made non-alcoholic fruit cocktails.

Canapés: Selection of canapés


Course 2: Sliced foie gras terrine with cherries, pistachio struzel and brioche toast. I am not a fan of foie gras terrine and embarrassingly the waiters caught me swapping plates with my Dad so he could finish it off for me. It did work in my favour though as they brought me out a fresh salmon dish instead!

Course 3: Pan fried scallop and octopus slices with coriander, served on a bed of celery puree, coconut emulsion and tamarind sauce. This was my favourite course, the scallop was mouth watering!

Course 4: Roasted loin of lamb and grilled cutlet, stuffed tomato, basil jus.


Roasted rib of Angus beef served with caramelized shallot tart tatin, sautéed girolle mushrooms and savoury scented jus.

Complimentary selection of cheese and biscuits, and pink champagne.

Complimentary sorbet

Course 5: Delicate sweet almond dessert, apricot compote and sorbet scented with rosemary.

Course 6: Warm raspberry souffé.

Course 7: Café et mignardises. We got to enjoy our coffee and sweets outside on the deck over looking the River Thames, it was a great way to end the meal.

I am very grateful that my Dad took my sister and me for this wonderful meal as it really was an experience that we will never forget, and it was the perfect way to celebrate our recent achievements!

Some more pictures from the lunch...

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