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Whilst living in Cyprus I tried many authentic Greek dishes, food that I had never given a chance back in the UK. I decided when I moved to try just everything offered to me. I lived in Larnaca for nice months and almost every weekend I walked along the salt lake to the beach and went for lunch. I tried to make sure that each time I went somewhere new, although there was one restaurant that I definitely went to at least 11 times (Enigma). You would think turning up at a restaurant and asking for table for one would be quite embarrassing, but I feel like I have become a pro at it! And the waiters even knew which table is my 'usual spot' haha. There is a huge variety of food in Larnaca; you have the typical American/English places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, TGI's, Cafe Nero, Starbucks, Hagan Daz, Burger King etc. And you also have a mix of Italian, Greek and seafood places. Granted I didn't try everywhere, but I definitely tried the majority!

Below is a list of my 10 favourite restaurants and cafes.

1. ENIGMA @ Ciao Stelio hotel 'the art of fine dining'

This was my 'go to' place to eat. The staff are lovely and the food is incredible. I tried the Carbonara, the Steak sandwich and the Cheese burger. They are all absolutely mouth wateringly delicious (yes I am aware I made that word up).

Meal costs around €15.


This was the first place the family that I lived with took me to and it is one of my FAVOURITES. You can order pork/chicken Souvlaki and mini pork/chicken burgers for €1.50 each. They also have super healthy and big salads; my favourite was the carrot, cabbage and green apple salad. The fries are delicious also, and the pita bread.


A typical Italian restaurant. They serve pastas, risottos, salads and pizzas but my favourite thing on the menu is the Calzone!

Meal costs around €12.


My favourite place to get fish and sushi. I hadn't tried much sushi before moving to Cyprus, so this was my first proper experience of it, and I have been missing out for sure! The dishes are very filling and extremely yummy.

Meal costs around €14


Home to the best crepes in Larnaca!

Crepes cost around €5


For under €8 you can get a HUGE, delicious pizza on a thin crust. If you don't finish it you can take the leftovers away in a pizza box. 100% the best pizza in Larnaca.


A typical Greek tavern. You pay €17.50 per person and then you get numerous dishes arriving at your table. You start with salads and bread dishes, starters, then fish dishes, potato, vegetable, rice and pasta dishes, then finally meat dishes. Literally everything! This is where I tried snails for the first time. I would always tell the little boy I looked after that we should ''be brave and try new foods''... So he told me to try the snails. I couldn't exactly say no could I!! At least I have ticked off something from my bucket list haha. They weren't actually thaaaaat bad, just super salty and squidgy okay yuck the thought of it is gross moving on...


I cannot make this post without including Yia-yia's food! The great grandmother of the boys I was looking after made us a healthy, home cooked lunch every single day for 9 months. Our favourite part of the day (me and K, the 3 year old), was for sure receiving the plate of food and uncovering it to see what delicious meal we had been given that day. The rood ranged from keftedes (Greek meatballs), potato and vegetable stew, chicken pasta, Greek macaroni, Egg plants stuffed with Greek mince meat (photographed), Mujadara, Spanakorizo, Lamb and mash and soooo many more delicious meals. It was seriously the best food. Have I mentioned that the food was delicious??!!


Chrysanthi's is a cute cafe in the middle of Larnaca town centre. The staff are really nice and the food is very homely. My go to was the jacket potato, cheese and beans because it reminded me of being at home. Not a very authentic Greek dish but sometimes you just need some good comfort food, right?


This cafe serves healthy, yummy, homely food, and it was always SUPER busy. The portions are huge and the food is inexpensive. It's a great place for for lunch whether it's to eat in or get a take away.

Thanks for reading my post! Let me know what your favourite Greek dish is!

Sophie :)

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