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If you are hoping to grow your booty then it is sooooo important to activate your glutes before working out!!!

By activating your glutes you are loosening up the tight muscles and getting them ready for your work out. It also really helps focus your workout on your glutes.

If you do not activate your glutes, you end up compensating by using other muscles during your work out like your lower back, hamstrings and quads. Not only can this lead to injury, but it may explain why your quads are growing super fast and your booty is not!

Also, glues are your largest muscle group in your body, meaning you burn a lot more calories during and after your workout when you exercise them properly. So start activating those glutes!!

I have put together my favourite glute activation exercises that I try and do before every workout (I say try, because lets be honest there are always those days where you just do not have the time and energy to do it all).

In almost all of my workouts, especially the glute activation exercises, I use an extra strong resistance band. They are extremely effective at focusing your workouts even more onto the areas you are trying to work out. You can do the below exercises without using a resistance band, but in my experience, when I use the resistance band I can feel the burn in my bum so much more. You can get these pretty cheap from Amazon

I hope this helps!!

1. STANDING LEG KICKS x 15 on each leg

2. FIRE HYDRANTS x 15 on each leg

These are my favourite and the most effective ones to tone up your bum. If you struggle to feel these in your glutes then just slow down the movement and really squeeze your bum.

3. GLUTE BRIDGES WITH STEP x 15 (to make this more effective and harder, open your legs and squeeze your glutes when lifting).

4. DONKEY KICKS x 15 on each leg (to make it harder, try and keep your leg off the floor for the whole set.

5. LUNGES WITH DONKEY KICKS x 15 each leg (squeeze glutes)

6. CRAB WALKS x 10 each way


I also uploaded the workout to my YouTube channel showing each exercise, so feel free to check that out :)

I am wearing:

Shorts: Gymshark

Sports bra: Sportfx

I really hope this helps and gives you some glute activation exercise ideas.

Sophie :)

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