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Our last stop in Norway was Allesund. We flew into Ørsta-Volda Airport on a tiny little plane. It looked like a toy plane but it was so much fun! There were only about 30 seats and we flew really low through the mountains. We then had to drive a for about an hour to our hotel... Little did we know the reception for the hotel closed at 9pm. We would have made it had we not got completely lost navigating our way through the mountains in the dark. So we arrived to an empty reception with no one to contact, so we had to spend the night in our car in the hotel car park. This was not ideal but hey ho it is part of the traveling experience I guess. We got up super early when the sun rose because as you know, cars don't have curtains, and we drove to Allesund. We stopped by a beautiful lake and had a nap or two, then checked into our Air bnb. Our air bnb was amazing and our host kindly let us check in early as we had had such a disastrous night/morning. The location was perfect and our host was very helpful! If you plan to visit Allesund make sure you stay here! Oh, there is even a massaging chair in the apartment, so it's great if you plan on sleeping in your car the night before (which I do not recommend).

Anyway, Allesund is very very pretty, it was our favourite place. Each day we drove a couple hours to explore different areas nearby. We just loved driving through the mountains and catching ferries to different islands. It was so much fun and so picturesque. The best place we discovered was Stranda. The little town is lovely, and we found a ski lift that took us right to the top of the mountain and overlooked the whole town and lake below. It was absolutely incredible!

It was so hard to not post every single picture from Allesund, but I tried my best. I hope you enjoy!

Sophie :)

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