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I just got back from a trip to the beautiful Palma De Mallorca. We took a day trip to Cala Mesquida on one of the days which is the place my grandparents met 53 years ago, so it was a very special day!

The short story of how they met: My Nanny worked in a hotel there (she is originally from Almeria, Spain) and my Grandad was staying at the hotel whilst on holiday from the UK with his friends. They met each other in the hotel restaurant and fell in love. When my Grandad went back to the UK they stayed in touch by writing letters to each other, however neither of them spoke each others language so they would get people to translate the letters for them. The next time they met in person, my Grandad proposed. Then the next time they met they got married and moved to England!

I made a video for my Grandparents of our day on the beach and in the background had a couple of songs that reminded them of the time they met 53 years ago. I am so glad that they now have this special memory, and I am thankful that they were able to bring the whole family back to the place they met.

I won't share the video here on my blog but I will share some of the pictures I took the day we visited. Isn't it beautiful!

Sophie :)

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