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So at the end of our USA & Canada trip we spent the best part of a week in beautiful Clearwater, Tampa. I had not arranged car hire for Tampa as I thought we could just hang out at the beach and walk to places... Anyone who has been to Tampa knows that this was a crazy idea and you 100% need a car haha!

Luckily came to our rescue! I sent them details on the Monday morning of where we wanted to collect the car from, and by noon we were driving away in our huge SUV! My family and I always use I used them multiple times when I lived in Cyprus, I used them when we went on our road trip to Norway in August, for the 14 years we had our house in Spain we used them at least twice a year, and my Grandad booked all our family's cars through them when we went to Palma de Mallorca last month. So it was so nice to work with a company that I love and use so frequently!

I asked on my Instagram if and why other travellers enjoy renting cars when traveling and almost 90% said that it is because it gives them so much freedom to explore and it is more convenient. And I totally agree! Having the car meant we could drive to some beautiful beaches and incredible neighborhoods (and pull over as many times as we wanted to - sorry Sam!). We explored Honeymoon Island, Dunedin, Island Estates, Indian Rocks Beach and we were able to drive ourselves to the airport and to the Raymond James Stadium to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play! This saved us SO much money as taxi's around Tampa are very expensive when you factor in tips. Also, there is nothing nicer than hoping in your car after a game and just driving past the crowds of thousands of people waiting for public transport. Or driving past the big queue of people waiting for taxi's at your hotel knowing that you have time to stop at five guys on the way to the airport! On the subject of food... Having a car meant that we could drive 10/15 minutes out of Clearwater to Target and loads of inexpensive restaurants and shops, which saved us a lot of money!

A huge bonus of using is that in a lot of their car packages online, the 'young drivers fee' is included. This makes the car hire so much more affordable for young people, especially in places where if you are under 25 you are charged around £30 extra each day for hiring the car.

So if you are planning a trip and are considering hiring a car, firstly DO IT and secondly, definitely check out!

Here are a few pictures from Tampa! (More to follow).

Thanks for reading!

Sophie :)

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