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So it has been a while since my last blog post..... Life has just been very busy! I have still been traveling and taking lots of photos though so I will be sharing those pretty soon on here.

Sam and I spent the Easter weekend in beautiful Italy. We flew to Naples, we picked up our car - thanks to again!! Seriously the best place for car hire!! - and we drove straight Sorrento. You do have to pay young drivers fee's in some locations, but the prices are very affordable. We made sure we had some extra cash on us so we could pay for this when we returned the car.

The drive to Sorrento was amazing!! It was right along the edge of the cliff and we were so lucky the weather was so beautiful and the water was so blue. And the food in Sorrento was delicious... So much Pizza and Pasta! One evening the weather was a little windy and cold but we were both starving. The day before we had gone to a Pizza restaurant about 25 minute walk from our hotel, and we both really wanted to go back but the idea of walking that far to get a take away was putting us off. So we decided to hop in our hire car and drive it instead! The roads were pretty narrow and full of mopeds, but we were back in our hotel room 20 minutes later eating our delicious pizza! Isn't life so much easier (and warmer) when you have a car?! Haha

We had Sorrento as our base and then took trips to Capri and along the Amalfi Coast. I knew the Amalfi Coast was supposed to be nice but I did not realise how incredible it actually was! It is not that long of a drive, maybe an hour and a half when you factor in all the stops you take to get out and look at the views. It really is something everyone should see! We compared it to the drive we did in California in Big Sur.

I am SOOO glad that we decided to get a hire car. I know lots of people who have been to Sorrento and Amalfi and they have gone on organised coach trips between the two places, or taken a taxi. Now I know the drivers in Italy are absolutely crazy (!) but it is so worth it having your own car. As you may know already, I love stopping the car every 4 minutes to get out and take photos of the views. Sam may find it very annoying, but on the drive along the Amalfi Coast the views just seem to get more and more breathtaking as you go! If we were in a coach or taxi we definitely would not have been able to stop as much and take as many nice photographs. Also, we love listening to our music when we drive, having the windows down and filling the back seat full of snacks; things you can only do if you have a car. So thank you again for giving us so much freedom with our rental!

Here are some of my favourite photo's from our drive along the Amalfi Coast Road, and our drive to Sorrento from Naples.

Thanks for reading!

Sophie :)

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