Sam and I just got back from a two week trip to America. Despite having the worst time traveling (I am sure I will get into that in another blog post...) I had such a memorable time! We flew into San Diego, which is my absolute favourite plac

After 19 hours of traveling, there is nothing better than getting into your own car.

Last time we visited San Diego we did not hire a car as we were under 21, instead we used the public transport and the hop on hop off sight seeing buses. Although that is a great way to experience the city, we definitely were able to see and do a lot more this time around due to having our own car.

One of the best things about having our own car was that on the days I was having certain food cravings, we could just google map restaurants that I liked the look of and we could drive straight there! I also wanted to go to specific shops where I knew there would be deals on baby clothes, so having our own transport made doing this so quick (public transport is not the quickest in San Diego) and also a lot less expensive than if we were to go by taxi. You really do have so much freedom when you have your own car.

We spent the first few nights on Coronado Island, and then we drove to Mission bay and spent a few nights there. Last time we visited Coronado Island we did not get to explore it as much as we would have liked as we only went the route the hop on hop off bus took us, so this time we were able to drive up and down Orange Avenue, Ocean Blvd, and we were able to drive to Panera which I was VERY happy about.

After a few days in Coronado Island we drove to Fashion Valley so we could have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and do a bit of shopping, then we headed to Mission Bay. We love Mission Bay, it is so peaceful and beautiful. One evening we drove to Fiesta Island Park to watch the sunset. We bought a cute blanket from Target and filled the boot of the car with pillows. It was such a nice way to end the day!

We tried to be healthy when we were staying in Mission Bay and we decided to walk for an hour and a half from our hotel all the way to Belmont Park..... I do not know what we were thinking! The walk was lovely but it was SO hot and SO tiring, so the next day we took the car instead and got there in 10 minutes. We also were able to stock the car up with food, water, towels, a football etc instead of lugging it around in our bags all day, so that was definitely nicer. At least we gave it a go I guess haha!

Here are some photos we took of the car. Thank you again to Rentalcars.com for sorting out the car for us! If anyone is looking for affordable car hire (anywhere around the world) be sure to click on this link so you can check out all the deals. What is great about car hire in the US is that most of the prices on the Rental cars.com website include all the young drivers fee's, and they also throw in a free additional driver most of the time too!

The drive over Coronado Bridge is just beautiful!!!!!

Sophie :)