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Emilia's 1 Month Update

Baby Emilia Rose. One month of loving on this gorgeous baby girl. It has honestly been the best month. I cannot stop kissing, cuddling and smelling her, I am in complete newborn heaven! I love seeing how much our family and friends love her as well, what a lucky little girl having so many people who love her.

Emilia is one greedy girl... She isn't fussy where the milk comes from, whether it is from me or a bottle, she will gulp it down. She drinks so fast that it makes her uncomfortable after and gives her lots of wind and reflux. I don't think she understands that she can get full up and shouldn't drink anymore when she is full haha. At 3 weeks Emilia weighed 8 lbs 5 which I was really pleased about as it meant she was getting lots and lots of milk from me! I have been expressing lots so we have a good stash of milk in our freezer, my Mum's freezer and Sam's Mum's freezer.

Emilia is very happy being cuddled by anyone, she has met so many family members and friends the last few weeks that she is getting used to being passed around to different people. I have noticed though that she does recognise me/my smell and sometimes only I am able to calm her down if she is upset - which I LOVE.

We alternate her sleeping in her sleepyhead between Sam and me and sleeping on my chest at night. When she is in her sleepyhead Sam and I both peek over the edge and stare at her throughout the night, and every time she makes a noise we both pop up over the side and make sure she is okay. I love having her sleep on me as well, I was worried about having her sleep on me but I am a very still sleeper and wake up whenever she wriggles which is good.

Nappies... Wow this girl likes to pee and poo! She likes a clean nappy before pooing, and she likes to pee when her nappy is off. We got so many nappies at our baby shower in the nappy raffle which has come in very useful (definitely recommend doing this!!!!!!).

She likes being outdoors and on walks. Since birth Emilia has been so alert and always looking around the room at what is going on. She loves the fresh air and looking at what is going on outside.

Once fed and burped she will sleep for 3-4 hours which is great for us. We make sure there is a lot of noise around when she sleeps so she gets used to. I really recommend doing this because it means you can hoover, dry your hair, empty the dishwasher and watch TV whilst baby sleeps and they won't wake up. If there is loud random noise she will stay sleeping but her arms and hands shoot up into the air and it is so so funny.

Emilia loves listening to music, we have a playlist for her and she loves listening to the songs.

We have had a few tough nights where we have had to drive to my Mum's at 3am (thankfully she only lives around the corner...) or have had to drive up and down the motorway, but hey, that is all part of the fun, right? I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing at 3am though, okay maybe sleeping... but once I see Emilia's face I can't help but feel so happy and lucky that I am her Mummy and I get to cuddle her as much as I want to. I don't think she feels the same yet as she screams at me because I haven't fed her quick enough, but I enjoy those one on one moments in the early hours of the morning.

Update written on 28th July 2019

- We gave Emilia a bottle when she was 4 days old, on the 25th Oct. She took it straight away and downed it all! She still fed from me after which was great.

- My tummy took a while to go down, definitely was not an instant thing.

- Emilia met almost all of her family in the first month, she also came to my work and Sam's work to meet everyone there.

- We registered her birth in her 2nd week, we then went out to eat after. She has always been good when we take her out places.

- I did not know about the Haaka breast pump until a while later, so just used these cup things to collect the let down.

- She was born with really dark hair.

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